It’s Father’s Day – Let’s Talk About the Parents!

For Father’s Day, I’d like to take a moment to thank my parents and all the other parents of PWD! (I LOVE YOU DAD!)

Dad, Me, Mom (and a photo bomb by the awesome usher!) at a Minnesota Twins game (probably 2017?)

I’ll never forget the drive home from the hospital the week I was diagnosed.  We had been in Oakland for an A’s game (on my parent’s wedding anniversary, at that). I was wheeled out of the Oakland Coliseum on a stretcher with absolutely no idea what was ahead of me. My poor parents were overwhelmed, but they hid it well.

Photo from the ICU at Children’s Hospital Oakland in August 2001.

On the way home, about a 5 hour drive on US-101 north, I realized I needed my long acting insulin. Dad took the next exit, then drew up a syringe of NPH in front of the headlights. A CHP vehicle even stopped to make sure we were okay – upon finding out he was drawing up insulin, he even asked if we needed a glucagon!

My dad was also typically the chef in the house, too. He kept me fed, learned to count carbs, and helped me with pharmacy trips and getting a hold of everything I needed to, well, be alive.

Both my parents were incredible with giving me what I needed to remain a kid. I am privileged beyond belief.

Not every parent is in a position to do this. Keeping your head above water is difficult, especially with the time, financial, and emotional toll of diabetes involved. There are blogs by parents of kids with diabetes. While my parents weren’t a part of the DOC in the early 2000’s, most parents today have some kind of internet access. It is up to us to reach out in places where there may be folks without resources. Those parents have it harder than us, and we must let them know we have their back, we want to hear them, and we are available to help.

So here’s what I ask of you today – reach out to a local nonprofit, a public library, the HR department of large employer, or other places where there may be parents of children with diabetes. Leave a flier with your number, email, or blog and simply state: “Do you have a child with diabetes? [I, or someone I know] have diabetes. Let’s create a network to support each other.”

Tell me your plans in the comments or on twitter We can support each other – so let’s get to it!

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Sonja Cunningham

20 years survived with T1D, 2021 Executive MBA candidate at the University of Nevada, Reno

5 thoughts on “It’s Father’s Day – Let’s Talk About the Parents!”

  1. I was Dx’d at Disney World. IN my case that proved that Disney World is not always the happiest place on earth. (just saying). I have always loved that my parents said you know by golly we paid for this vacation and we ain’t leaving. LOL They stayed in FL another 4 days before driving home to IN. I loved that. They had enough faith in themselves and me to not change one damn thing.

    Yes that was 1974, but I still love it today. Tomorrow, is my 47th diaversary. It is also my birthday.

    So I would to just say:


    So Disney dont make me use these on Twitter.


  2. I remember this picture (in person). I also remember what the Dr said the first time he came out and saw the fear in my face. Told us we could go in and be with you. Then he said the following to me; “things are going to change but please don’t worry. We’ve got this.” Five days latter we had the episode with the CHP in Humboldt County on the way home.

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