Spotlight on PWD: Shane Bowers Photography

Shane Bowers is a photographer from Southern California who has been living with Type 1 Diabetes since 1995. I met him while we were teen campers in 2006 at Bearskin Meadow Camp (hosted by Diabetes Youth Families). We were able to reconnect in 2018 during an adult retreat held at Bearskin. Shane is an incredibly talented photographer with a focus on nature.

Here are excerpts from our conversation:

Sonja: Why do you love photography and how does it help you be the person you want to be?

Shane: I love to go out in nature and escape from the city lights. I love to reconnect with the quietness of nature and being captivated by the beauty. I love to capture that beauty for others to see but not just that, for others to go out and experience [the beauty of nature] for themselves. Nature reminds me to take time for [the important] things in my life, to breathe and to see how the living things in nature can still thrive in extreme conditions.

Sonja: What kind of photography do you consider to be your specialty?

Shane: I specialize in landscape and astrophotography, but I have done weddings, graduations, and other situational photo shoots.

Sonja: How do you deal with having diabetes during photoshoots? Or is it a non issue?

Shane: Diabetes is always a factor in everything I do, especially when I go backpacking or on camping trips for my photos. Carrying all my camera gear and extra food for when I go low is heavy. My last trip my camera and backpack probably weighed 30 pounds together.

Sonja: And finally, are you available for hire? And are your prints available for purchase?

Shane: I’m available for hire. I’m very flexible with price and schedule. And all my prints are for sale: you can view them on Instagram. Direct Message me on Instagram for pricing or inquiries.

This photo was taken in Ventura, California at the pier. When I come to the beach to take pier photos, everyone tends to take pictures the same way. I had the idea to capture the waves crashing against the pier as if it was snowing. So I call this one, “Snowing in Ventura”. Often times we miss the beauty around us we see everyday, but if we change our perspective just a bit, we can see a whole new view we’ve been missing. 
– Shane Bowers

Photography is a career for Shane – he turned his teenage hobby into a way to live the life he wants to live while being the person he wants to be. He attended California State University, Channel Islands, and has a degree in Photography and Graphic Design. Shane has been working professionally in photography for 6 years.

Where we met, at diabetes camp near Kings Canyon National Park 💙

I hope my conversation with Shane will inspire you to be the person you want to be while living a life you want to be living. Please follow Shane on Instagram and remember to show support to our fellow PWD.

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